Primary Volleyball Launch 27/10/19

The 27th October at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering, will see a new, exciting part of the Volleyball Futures programme – Primary Volleyball – which looks at the best way to introduce the sport of volleyball to young players (under 11 years old).

The primary school volleyball programme will be presented with practical ideas and activities for introducing volleyball to beginners. Aimed at any adult who will be working with children under 11, the event will focus on the new 2v2 format and share original resources including session plans on how to give beginners a taste of the best game in the world!

The session will also provide advice and guidance on how to stage 2v2 festivals and will be a first look at the resources that have been created by the Children and Young People Working Group.

The cost is £20 per person and will include lunch,refreshments and resource pack.  

The deadline for registration is Tuesday 8th October. Once registration closes you will receive a confirmation email and information pack. 

 Please note that in order to pay you will first need to create an account if you do not already have one. 

Primary Volleyball Launch 27/10/19

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Primary Volleyball Launch