Divisional Squads Selection

Cadet Divisional Squad selection and eligibility

To be eligible for selection for the Volleyball England Divisional Cadet Programme (including School Games), an athlete must:

  • be under 17 for the Boys or Under 16 for the Girls on the 1st September at the start of the competitive season.
  • be affiliated to Volleyball England through a club, school or other association.
  • live, attend school or represent a club within the boundaries of the appropriate Volleyball England regions (North-NW,Y,NE; Central-WM,EM,East; South-SW,SE,Lon)
  • hold, or be eligible to hold, a British passport.

Selection Process

Divisional Head Coaches are primarily responsible for the selection/de-selection of programme playing personnel and may consult with other coaches as they see fit.

Whilst selection of players will be guided by nationally agreed criteria relating to individual ability it is also recognised that in selecting for a team sport, combinations of athletes and the balance of a squad are also important considerations.

It is recognised that the development of talent is an ongoing process and that players may move in and out of Divisional Programmes over time. The opportunity for players to be identified for and remain in Divisional programmes (including School Games) will normally follow on from:

  • Performance in national club/school programmes and competitions and/or nomination by club/school coaches to the Regional/Divisional programme.
  • Performance in Regional Talent Development Programmes and competitions including the Inter Regional Championships and/or nomination by regional head coaches to the Divisional programme.
  • Performance in Divisional programmes and competitions including the annual National Summer performance camp.

Notwithstanding the above Divisional Head Coaches reserve the right to assess talent through any other route as they see fit.