Denmark Reign Supreme with Sweden and Norway also in Finals

29th October 2016

Denmark Reign Supreme with Sweden and Norway also in Finals

G9 - Norway vs Iceland

It took just 65 minutes for Norway girls to claim their place in the final after beating Iceland in three sets.

The teams exchanged the lead in the first part of the set before Norway made a break at 8-5. Extending that gap to five, Norway swiftly gained more ground to lead Iceland 22-11. They finished the set in style, 25-12.

At the first technical time out of set two, Norway had a three-point advantage at 8-5. This diminished though as they knocked their points up to nine to get within one point of their opponents. All level at 13 all Iceland were back in the game but Norway once again rallied and they opened up a five-point lead.  Norway added to their hold over Iceland by taking the second set at 25-19.

In the third set, with victory in their sights, Norway had another early lead and it was 8-4 at the first time out.  At 16-9, Norway held their points advantage, extending it to 20-10.  Norway looked to have it in the bag but Iceland launched a determined but late fightback. Norway took their third set 25-16, booking their berth in tomorrow’s final.

B9 Sweden vs Norway

In the first men’s semi-final, yesterday’s group winners Sweden faced Norway for a spot in the final. While Sweden were favourites at the start, Norway stuck with their rival in the first set, fired up after seeing off Faroe Islands this morning.

True to the form book, Sweden led 8-5 at the first technical time out but were just two points up, 16-14 at the second. Norway drew level before Sweden dominated to pull clear and take the set 25-20.

Sweden were clinical in the second set, leading from start to finish. They were up at the first technical time out and were well clear at 16-5 at the second. At 21-5, Norway had a late comeback but the margin was too big and Sweden pulled clear to win 25-9.

Norway showed their resilience in set three and they took an early 10-4 lead and retained control, ahead 16-10. But Sweden launched their fightback to get within 2 at 21-19.  A Sweden time out at 19-23 was the last ditch effort but Norway’s Jarand Ellinsen Roalkvam was once again instrumental in converting their chances and they took the set 25-20.

Sweden took it out at the start of set four, determined to close out the match. They led 10-6 before Norway called a time out. However, Sweden went seven points clear, with a place in the final starting to get within their reach. At the second technical they led 16-9 and at 20-10 victory was all but secured. Norway had one final fight back but it was Sweden’s day and they won 25-17, 3-1. (25-20, 25-9, 20-25, 25-17).

G10 Denmark vs Sweden

Denmark took the game to Sweden this evening, looking to join their compatriots in tomorrow’s final. Neck and neck for the first few points, it was Denmark who pulled ahead by three at the first technical time out. A fightback from the Swedes was countered and despite getting on a level score, it was Denmark who took the first set 25-17.


Sweden were on a mission at the start of the second set, smashing through to take an 8-1 lead at the first interval. Denmark looked to get back on track but they couldn’t find the answers as Sweden charged ahead 16-7 and finally 25-12 to draw the game.

Sweden looked to be in control, stepping ahead of Denmark 8-6 but neither team could break the stalemate. Denmark levelled the score and, overtook Sweden to snatch the set 25-23 to take the overall lead 2-1.

Looking for victory Denmark triggered the first technical time out buzzer with a five-point lead. Sweden fought back to get on an even keel at nine all before Denmark pulled ahead again. Opening up a 10-point lead, their spot in the final looked secure. Sweden saved a number of match points but it was not enough to stop the Danish charge and they won the fourth set 25-19 and ultimately the match 3-1 (25-17, 12-25, 25-23, 25-19).

B10 England vs Denmark

England faced reigning champions Denmark in their semi-final and it was the 2015 gold medallists who took the early lead, 12-6 then 16-10 at the second technical. England pulled back within a single point at 19-18, but Denmark proved too strong and they won 25-18.

Denmark held onto their narrow lead in the second set, leading by 2 points at the first time out. England were within touching distance, and were trailing by just 4 at the next interval. Denmark found momentum and they pulled clear to take a 2-0 lead 25-18.

England needed to throw everything into the third set, but Denmark were determined to make the final and they flew off the blocks to open up an 8-1 lead by the first time out. A change in line up for England wasn’t enough and the physical Danes were efficient in their attack. It was 16-5 at the second time out but England were not going to relinquish quite so easily. They doubled their points tally but it wasn’t enough to deter the Danes who finished strongly to take the win 25-13 and the match 3-0.

Denmark will play Sweden tomorrow in a replay of last year’s boys final while Denmark’s girls will take on Norway to be crowned NEVZA U19 Champions 2016.

Denmark Reign Supreme with Sweden and Norway also in Finals