NEVZA Under 17 Championships - Finals

6th November 2013

NEVZA Under 17 Championships - Finals

“A wonderful tournament!” said the  organiser Sanjib Sahota, after watching two thrilling finals between the girls from Norway and Denmark and the boys from Sweden and Denmark. The NEVZA tournament took place in our FIVB/CEV Regional Development Centre in Kettering, also known as the National Volleyball Centre.  NEVZA stands for Northern European Volleyball Zone Association. England was host to Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and The Faroe Islands, with more than 170 Under-17 athletes competing in the championship. 

Lisa Wainwright, CEO of Volleyball England, said she was thrilled with our decision to host this tournament for a period of three years. She commented “If the quality of play is an indication of what is coming over the next three years, we can look forward to world class volleyball. It is a unique opportunity for these young athletes to meet other nations, to experience the input of international referees, to see professional statistics after each match, to compete under pressure over four days and above all to develop in their sport. If these athletes continue on their current pathway, they will be the future of volleyball and I am already looking forward to witnessing their skills. Overall, they have provided a great example of the way volleyball is played. We embrace the CEV Fairplay Campaign in our sport and these four days have produced a true advertisement for it.” Lisa also apologised for the non-attendance of our President, Wayne Coyle, who could not attend, but who followed the finals via the high quality live stream.

Sanjib Sahota, major event and competition Manager for the tournament, was pleased with the way the countries and the Team Managers worked together to make it such a success. He praised the many volunteers who worked such long hours and never let anyone down. “This group of people makes a tournament and we would not be able to do it without them, as simple as that! Everything we asked them to do, they did without hesitation and I would like to congratulate every individual for their great performance.”

The overall girls winners Norway and the overall boys winners Sweden were deserved champions but there were definitely no losers in this tournament. It was a show of quality and where in previous years athletes were still learning how to compete, this tournament was more about how to win. Tactically and physically, the competitors produced high level volleyball. The English boys and girls were very competitive and demonstrated excellent indications of their future development. They were able to compete in many sets on equal levels to their opponents, challenging and attacking with skill and enthusiasm. We can already look forward to next year and expect again great quality volleyball from both English teams.

The final results in ranking were:

Girls : 1. Norway 2.Denmark 3. Finland 4. Sweden 5. Iceland 6. Faroe Islands 7. England

Boys : 1. Sweden 2.Denmark 3. Finland 4. Norway 5. England 6.Iceland 7. Faroe Islands


All detailed results can be found on the Results Page of the website:

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NEVZA Under 17 Championships - Finals