Volleyball England is committed to supporting clubs and individuals involved in volleyball to gain funding to develop and progress themselves and the sport.

Below are links to various funding streams, which are readily available, or to other avenues to locate and identify funding.

Additional support to locate and support the writing of funding applications is offered by the Membership and Funding Officer, provided that the individual or club is an affiliated member of Volleyball England.

Volleyball England

Volleyball England does not currently have any funding available to directly distribute at this moment in time. All funding is currently operating our core programmes.

Sport England

Sport England is one of the primary sources of funding for sport in England with the majority of Volleyball England’s core programme funding comes from Sport England. However, additional to this there funding streams which are made directly accessible for the public, of which the most commonly used is Small Grants.

Small Grants are may available to clubs who wish to start some form of new activity, with the primary focus being on 14-25 year olds. The Small Grants scheme is open for applications from £300 to £10,000 all year round.

Sport England also has other funding streams available including*;

*Please note that many of these funding streams will be operating on a ‘round’ basis.


Sportivate is another Sport England funding stream. However, the application and award process is administrated directly by each individual County Sports Partnership

Sportivate is operated on a round basis and therefore opens and closes at different times throughout the year depending on your County Sports Partnership. To contact your County Sports Partnership please visit the County Sport Partnership Network website HERE.

Funding Central

Funding Central is a database over 4,000 grants, contracts and loans – funded by the cabinet office – for the voluntary and community sector.

It is recommended that if you are looking for local or regional based funding to supplement your projects to register with Funding Central as you will receive regular updates on;

  • New funding streams in your area
  • Funding streams closing imminently
  • Funding events including conferences and seminars
  • Funding announcements and news