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What is the Change 4 Life Sports Club project?

The Change 4 Life Sports Club project was launched in September 2011 to create over 3,000 new school sports clubs in seven Olympic and Paralympic sports. The aim of these clubs is to offer a new 'breed' of fun focused clubs on school sites, with young people themselves making up 50% of the workforce. The focus is on engaging young people (aged 13-19) who do not currently play any sport outside the curriculum through the inspirational power of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Seven 'non-traditional school' sports are involved- including Volleyball.  430 schools were selected to become C4L Volleyball Clubs and these clubs have reported some fantastic results in the first year, with over 11,000 sessions run and 1,000 new Young Leaders trained!

With the project now in its second year, County Sports Partnerships have been funded to offer workforce development opportunities to C4L clubs in their areas. Volleyball England will be working closely with CSP leads and SGOs to support the provision of volleyball training where required.

Please download our C4L Course Menu for more information.

Installing your C4L Volleyball Equipment

All C4L Volleyball Clubs have benefitted from a innovative set of equipment, including a brand new Wall Net Slider system which features an adjustable height net, approved by the latest safety standards. Please make sure your school is taking advantage of this great piece of equipment, you can view an informative You Tube Video about how it works. 

If you have any further questions about installing the C4L Volleyball Equipment, please contact the suppliers, Universal Services, on 01621 868700.

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C4L Volleyball Club Case Studies

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Barton Blockers VC Barton Blockers VC 0.60 05/01/2012
 Harrogate SSP Harrogate SSP 0.26 05/01/2012
Mid Sussex Starlets VC Mid Sussex Starlets VC 0.31 05/01/2012