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What is VolleyMark?

VolleyMark is the official accreditation programme for volleyball clubs in England and is part of the Clubmark accreditation scheme run by Sport England. The simple club accreditation process is designed to recognise and reward clubs for good practice and their contribution to developing volleyball.

The second phase of VolleyMark, VolleyGold (which showcases best practice clubs) is currently in development. Please keep checking back for further updates.

What are the benefits to my club?

VolleyMark accreditation comes with a number of benefits, including help and support from Volleyball England.

VolleyMark Benefits

  • Demonstrates a club that is well run, improving chances of getting grants and funding
  • Provide confidence that the club is safe, friendly and inviting
  • 10% off your club affiliation fee from the 2017/18 season (£80.55 standard clubs/£36 new clubs)
  • Allows your club to be promoted on the Volleyball England website as a best practice club
  • Can establish links with CSPs, schools and local community groups for additional support with things such as finding venues and grants
  • Creates a tailored club development plan to help improve retention and player development
  • Bespoke funding bid based on your club development plan (if applicable)
  • Use of VolleyMark logos for your club's website and social media – showing the wider community that you are doing a great job
  • A VolleyMark certificate to display at your clubs HQ or website


  1. What do I need to get VolleyMark accreditation?
    A full criteria will be sent to you upon completing an Application Form – VolleyMark is broken down into three main areas - Running Your Club; Growth, Retention & Workforce Development; and Welfare & Raising Standards

  2. I already have the information on my club website – do I still need to upload a document?
    Absolutely not – send us a link to your website and note which document we should be checking, and a member of the team will cross reference this

  3. My club already has Side Out / Volley 1 / Volley 2 / Volley 3 accreditation – will that still count?
    You will be still be classed as an accredited club however you will not be able to renew your accreditation – former Side Out, Volley 1, Volley 2, or Volley 3 accreditation will be allowed to lapse unless the club choses to apply for VolleyMark before this

  4. How do I get 10% off my club affiliation fee?
    Once you complete VolleyMark accreditation, your club will get 10% off the next season’s club registration costs (starting from 2017/18) - standard clubs will receive a discount of £8.95, whilst junior clubs will receive a £4.00 discount

  5. How long does VolleyMark accreditation last?
    Your VolleyMark accreditation will last one year from the point of accreditation – VolleyMark operates on a rolling one year accreditation cycle – to reaccredit your club, simply ensure all your documents are up to date and complete a new development plan


How should my club apply?

To apply, complete and fill in the VolleyMark application form and return to info@volleyballengland.org

More Info

For more information, click here to contact the membership team via email.