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Why is it important?

It is important clubs promote their activities with timely and current information. This is provided by the club to players, members, volunteers and their wider external audience. Information should controlled and be to a consistent standard.

Setting up a club website

There are several

Nottingham Rockets VC, Loughborough Students Volleyball and York VC are all good examples of the different ways Google Sites can be used.

Using Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to reach a wide audience and can be used to communicate with current members as well as future players and external partners.

  • Facebook: To promote your club activities, why not set up a Facebook page to update your local community and the wider volleyball world about what you are up to? More than 1 member can admin the page and it's a great way to advertise and keep in touch with the rest of the club.  Check out the Volleyball England Facebook Page for some ideas and links to other clubs.
  • Twitter: Several volleyball clubs have set up their own Twitter account, enabling them to make real-time updates on games, advertise sessions and talk about the latest results. Make sure your club follows Volleyball England's Twitter feed for all the latest volleyball news and results.
  • You Tube: Video portal You Tube offers a free online space to post videos, e.g. match footage or even memories of the last club social! For ideas have a look at VETV and Newcastle Staffs VC.

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