Wildcard Application

This form can be used to request a wildcard seeding for your team at a VEBT event.  Please note that there are limited wildcards available for each event. Refer to the VEBT Players Handbook for more information.  Please provide as much information as possible on this form, as your application will
be assessed solely on the information you provide here.

Applications must be received prior to the standard entry deadline for the event (usually the Monday 5 days before the event), or at the time of entering the event if late entries are accepted.  Your application will be processed at the time of seeding for the event, and you will be notified of the success of your application by email at that time.

Please note due to a change in format to this year's VEBT no willdcards will be given for Weston-super-Mare, Skegness and Margate.


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Player history and experience

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Other relevant information

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More information

Please contact our Competitions Team via email or by phone on 01509 227722.