National U15 Championships

The U15 National Championships offers competition to all affiliated schools and clubs with junior sections. Over the years the U15 National Championships has proven to be one of great sportsmanship alongside a high standard of junior volleyball which is seen year on year at the Finals.

The 2019-2020 U15 National Championships will look to build on the success of last years competition. The format is the same as the U16 and U18 National championships, with the preliminary and early rounds starting in January. The Last 8s and Semi Finals will be held on Saturday 21st March 2020 and the Final is held alongside the Senior National Cup & Shield Finals on Saturday 25th April 2020.

To enter please register through our new online portal

We have prepared a how to guide on the entry process that can be found below.

In addition we have prepared a number you YouTube tutorials that can be found on the process that can be found here.



Junior Competition's entry guide

  Name Size (MB) Updated
Junior player Registration Letter 2019-20 Junior player Registration Letter 2019-20 0.15 12/09/2019
Junior team Registration Letter 2019-20 Junior team Registration Letter 2019-20 0.13 12/09/2019

Competition Information

Closing Date
Friday 7th December 2019

Age Group
U15 on 1st September 2019

Venues & Format
Prelim, Round 1 & 2; round robin with minimal travel for competing teams
Last 8s; Cancelled
Finals; Cancelled

Playing Standard
Prelim; novice
Round 1; all abilities
Round 2; all abilities
Last 8s; winners from Round 2

Prelim, Round 1 & 2; it's the responsibility of the participating teams to officiate and provide officials
Last 8s; the Competitions Commission shall provide 1st referees and endeavour to provide 2nd referees. Where 2nd referees cannot be obtained, teams will be expected to officiate in neutral matches

Entry Conditions
-All teams must be affiliated to Volleyball England
-All teams and players must register through
-Schools or junior clubs may enter one or more teams in each competition
-Teams must be willing to HELP or HOST Round 1 or 2
-Teams will be notified ASAP after the entry deadline if they're required to host
-Teams withdrawing from the competition may be liable to a fine
-Individual Schools and Colleges must either be coached by a member of the P.E Staff from the school or college or by a qualified coach who is registered with Volleyball England. All coaching staff must be DBS checked
-Junior Clubs must be coached by a qualified coach who is registered with Volleyball England

Competition Documents

  Name Size (MB) Updated
Junior Competition Regulations 2019-20 Junior Competition Regulations 2019-20 0.26 26/11/2019
Players Code of Conduct Players Code of Conduct 0.06 17/06/2016