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Safeguarding Policy

  Name Size (MB) Updated
Safeguarding Policy Safeguarding Policy 1.34 28/09/2015

As part of this commitment Volleyball England has developed a Safeguarding & Protecting Young People Policy and Good Practice Guidance. It has been designed to both inform and guide those within our sport on all aspects of safeguarding and should be adopted by all members of the volleyball community. Volleyball England believes that all members of the volleyball community have responsibilities to help protect young people and as such has developed this Safeguarding and Protecting Young People policy to help ensure that this happens.The guidance is set out in four sections to make it as user friendly as possible.  

The four sections are:

  1. Section One: Policies
  2. Section Two: Good Practice
  3. Section Three: Recognising and Responding and Reporting Concerns
  4. Section Four: Forms, Templates & Useful Contact Details

-        Safeguarding Incident Report Form (SIRF) (word) (pdf)

-        SP1 Application Form (word) (pdf)

-        SP2 Self Disclosure Form (word) (pdf)

-        SP3 Reference Request Form (word) (pdf)

-        SP4 Photography & Video Recording Registration Form (word) (pdf)

-        SP5 Parent/Carer & Young Person Consent Form (word) (pdf)

-        Anti Bullying Charter

This policy has been formulated in accordance with guidance from the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and in line with Government guidance. 

We hope that the policy will assist your club/association as we all work towards a safer environment for the future of our sport.

Volleyball England's Safeguarding & Protecting Young People Policy and Good Practice Guidance is available free of charge upon request from the Volleyball England Office.

If you have any specific queries or wish to discuss a concern, please contact Rob Payne, Safeguarding Lead Officer via safeguarding@volleyballengland.org or by phone on 01509 227722.