Young Volunteers

Young people are central to many clubs as players, spectators and volunteers. Volleyball England has a great deal to offer young people, whilst at the same time they have a huge amount of potential to offer in return.  Volunteering will look great on your CV if you are applying for college, university or jobs whatever career you want to go into and really make you stand out from the crowd.

Plus Programme

If you have completed the Young Leaders Award, Young Referee Award or Young Event Volunteer Award why not sign up to the Plus Programme?  This is new scheme designed to recognise the time young people like you spend volunteering after completing one of the Awards.  Through the Plus Programme you are awarded prizes including hoodies, t-shirts, pens and certificates. 

  Name Size (MB) Updated
Plus Programme - Registration Form Plus Programme - Registration Form 0.12 01/02/2012
Plus Programme Flier. Plus Programme Flier. 0.29 01/02/2012

Youth Forum

The aim of the Youth Forum is to give young people (aged 16 to 25) the chance to voice their opinions, represent the views of other young people and contribute to decision making within Volleyball England. The members chosen represent a wide variety of aspects of the game including coaching, refereeing, officiating, club leadership and events organisation across all three disciplines of volleyball. 

The Youth Forum is currently looking to recruit up to five new members.  See the documents below for more details.  Deadline for applications: Monday 10th September 2012.  



Volleyball England have developed advice and guidance documents relating to the welfare of young people and guidance for those working with young people. These can be found in the Welfare section of the website.