Club Conference 2019

Club Conf 2019

The inaugural Volleyball England Club Conference took place on Saturday 27th July at the SportPark in Loughborough.  

With three time slots, attendees chose which three workshops from five on offer. Experts and professionals led the workshops on the following topics: 

  1. Marketing your club – Focussed on reinvigorating how your club spreads it message so your teams and campaigns are more successful. The workshop was led by Volleyball England board member and owner of a PR agency, Simon Griffiths and Kara Griffiths, head of communications at a large higher education institution. The pair also understand volleyball too. They help run Tamworth Spartans Volleyball Club which won the Volleyball England Club of the Year 2016, following a rebranding of the club which they helped drive.

  2. Venues – having the right place to call home is a foundation of a successful volleyball club. Competitions lead James Murphy took delegates through; being a new club finding a venue, how to influence sports halls to improve volleyball facilities and how a new facility can help your club grow. 

  3. Funding – every club would benefit from a cash boost. Volleyball England’s core market coordinator Rob Payne and the HUB’s lead funding support officer Vicki Carr will delivered content on where to look for funding, how to write a brilliant bid and how members can access funding support from the HUB office.

  4. Developing junior sections – Volleyball England's Children and Young People Lead Nick Shaffery led a workshop focusing on the next generation of volleyball players and how to develop a junior section at your club. Clubs that already have a junior section also were given tips on how to raise participation and inspire more juniors to join.

  5. Your club website – a club website is an important shop window for your club and a key tool for getting people to engage with you. Professional web designer Joke de Winter will showed how you can use the free and low-cost platforms, such as GoDaddy and Wix, to create a great-looking and easy-to-use website. 

The CPSU also delivered a 'Time to Listen' course throughout the morning which provided essential training for Club Welfare Officers. 

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