Event Licences


When planning your event or tournament, Volleyball England advises organisers to take advantage of our Event Licence service.The Volleyball England Event Licence has offers organisers support and guidance with running your event, £5 million Public Liability Insurance and national promotion in our media outlets.

The Event Licence also demonstrates to participants that your event meets the minimum standards of quality and safety set by Volleyball England.

What does an Event Licence include?

  • £5 million Public Liability and Products Insurance for event organisers and all affiliated participants.
  • Inclusion in the online Volleyball England Tournament Search.
  • The right to use official Volleyball England branding in all promotional materials.
  • Support from the Volleyball England Hub.
  • Notification of any potential clashes with other Volleyball England or registered events.


Event Licence fees are charged on the basis of the number of teams participating in the tournament – irrespective of size of team, whether it is pairs, 3v3, 4v4 or 6v6.



Event Licence - Up to 25 Teams


Event Licence - 26 - 100 Teams


Event Licence - Over 100 Teams


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