Corporate Governance of Association 2017.pdf Document 2017 FINAL.pdf

Codes of Conduct

  Name Size (MB) Updated
Board of Directors Code of Conduct Board of Directors Code of Conduct 0.33 02/10/2017
Coaches Code of Conduct Coaches Code of Conduct 0.16 28/11/2013
Referee Code of Conduct Referee Code of Conduct 0.09 01/03/2017
Players Code of Conduct Players Code of Conduct 0.06 17/06/2016

Equality and Diversity


Volleyball England supports the principle of equal opportunities for all participants, member, representatives and employees whilst working for, or on behalf of Volleyball England.....visit the Equality and Diversity section for more details.

Safeguarding and Welfare


Volleyball England is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people to participate in volleyball. ......visit the Safeguarding and Club Welfare section for more details.

Anti Doping


Volleyball England prides itself on being a clean sport and works hard to maintain its image. It is committed to ensuring that high standards are set for fair play and a drug-free sport while protecting the spirit of the game.....visit the Anti-Doping section for more details.